We’re cool. But never cold.

During childhood, our frazzled mothers yelled: “REMEMBER THAT 90% OF YOUR BODY HEAT ESCAPES THROUGH YOUR HEAD” at least 1,693 times. About the 1,589th time, it actually started to sink in. Hats are helpful. Gloves are great. Outdoor gear actually has a purpose. Thanks, mom!

So we grew up and started the Mad Bomber® Company. Now we’re the original—and the world’s largest—Bomber® hat manufacturer. Our unique outerwear products are fun and fashion-forward. But they’re also designed to keep you warm and cozy, with a combination of natural resources and innovative, high-tech fabrics.

EARTH FRIENDLY. We love the outdoors. That’s why Mad Bomber supports local farmers and environmentally friendly practices whenever we can, counting on materials like pesticide-free hemp, organic cloth and cottons, and vegetable- or soy-based dyes. We use recycled fabrics and products, too.

WORLD PARTNERS. Our company is multi-national, with partners across the United States, Europe and China. We’re proud to promote cooperation and cultural diversity wherever we go. Take a look at our factories in China, where thousands of self-employed Chinese promote the spirit of understanding and entrepreneurial self-reliance. It’s what we see throughout our diverse international distribution network—from Russia to Europe, from Asia to South America and North America.

COMMITTED TO COOL. We want our products to be the best, and we want our customers to be the happiest. That’s one reason why Mad Bomber was the first to introduce internationally recognized quality control standards.

Want to learn more? Have a question for us? Give Mad Bomber a call at 1.800.662.8845 (Mon - Fri 7:30 am - 5 pm EST) or email info@madbomber.com. In the meantime, call your mom and tell her you remembered your hat. Trust us: She’ll be proud.

But hang on,... WHY did we call ourselves The Mad Bomber??? Read all about that <here>.