Why the Mad Bomber name?

To keep you Warm and looking Cool with Innovative Products made of Recycled/Organic materials. Mad Bomber aspires to grow bigger and better and give more to our global community making this world a better place. So why the name Mad Bomber?

The Mad Bomber name was a nickname given to our CEO during his ski-jumping years in the 1980's long before bomber had any connotations in the popular culture. Our CEO feels that a Mad Bomber is someone who lives on the edge, is innovative, enjoys a challenge, but gives back to their community. We want our products to be the best, and we want our customers to be the happiest. Our feeling is that there are many heads around the world that need hats - about six billion, the last time we counted. And although there's only one Mad Bomber Company, we're ready to meet the demand. one ultra-cool product at a time!