Care For Your Fur

Our Mad Bomber fur hats are made from durable, farm-raised rabbit fur. This means they must be treated with care. Here are some tips for keeping your hat healthy, happy and furry for years to come:

·          Your Mad Bomber fur hat likes the cold, but not heat. It doesn’t mind snow or moderate rain, however. Just shake it out and hang to dry in an airy environment. After it dries you can shake, comb or brush it to make the fur nice and fluffy again.

·           Don’t even think about using a hairdryer or clothes dryer on your fur hat.

·           The fur doesn't like being rubbed hard or treated with chemicals. Do not spray it with insecticide, hairspray, or perfumes (did we really have to have to tell you this?).

·           Your fur hat hates being squashed flat or crushed, and prefers being stored in its own space, preferably in a dark or at least shaded location well away from any heat sources, like sunlight or stoves.

·           Unless your fur bomber just has a small stain, cleaning should only be done by a professional fur cleaner.

·           You can remove small stains by lightly patting a moist cloth over the stain and stroking in the fur’s direction. Most stains should come out using just a little water, but if the stain is particularly stubborn, you can use a very small amount of mild detergent as well. Remember to air dry only! 

·           If your fur hat has been submerged in water, take it to a furrier for proper treatment.